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Are the products original ?
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Opticlasa guarantees that all products in our optical stores are original and complying with all EU directives about quality.
How do I choose the right size of sunglasses for me?
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If you already have glasses with a size you think is suitable for you, look for the markings from the inner side of the temples (most often it looks something like 55 □ 17) and search for glasses around these values. If you collect the two digits and multiply them x2 you will get the approximate length of the front. Typically, for the majority of customers, the standard size, between 72mm and 76mm, is the most appropriate.
Do the glasses come with a warranty?
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Yes, our glasses have a warranty that covers damage from factory defects. Any other defects resulting from normal use or the result of impact, breakage or other external interference are not covered by the warranty. The warranty also includes free repairs and glasses maintenance such as changing nosepads, tips, screws, ultrasonic cleaning, and more.
What happens during an eyesight test?
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To ensure your good eyesight, it is recommended to preform detailed eye examinations every year. The doctor applies several tests and procedures to check your sight status as well as the general condition of your eyes. A detailed review may take about an hour (depending on every individual case) and consists of a combination of several procedures such as visual acuity, retinoplastyc, refraction measurement, biomicroscope examination, eyebrow review.
How the eyesight status is measured?
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This review examines how well you see and how sharp and clear your sight is. The Optician will ask you to read certain symbols from a board placed in front of you. The sharpness of vision is determined by the smallest symbols you are able to read.
what is refraction and how is it measured ?
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Most people remember this with the question asked by the doctor during the test : "With which lens you see better? The first or the second?" Refraction is a subjective test that checks for conditions like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. A special tool with changeable lenses is used, and every lens is with a different diopter. The doctor will asking you which one you see most clearly. Based on the results of this test, you will get the prescription for glasses.
how does the retina examination is performed?
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This is usually the final step in the detailed eye exam. Your doctor puts special drops to enlarge the pupils. With this size of the pupil the ophthalmologist gets a wider "window" through which to examine the inner part of the eye. An examination of the vitreous, optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and retina is performed. This is an essential part of the eye test as it helps detect a number of eye diseases.

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